Hinospices & Go Texan

Spices for the Species

Hinospice is the Texas born, Texas breed, Spice Company based out of Buda serving Austin and surrounding areas. We were created out of the need for great tasting spices and add enhancement to any food without the additional taste of salt. Hinospices has 3 different levels to complement any and everything your imaginative cooking mind can come up with. Hinospices enhances natural flavors in your food with 2/3 less sodium while complementing meats, poultry, fish, cooked/raw vegetables, salads, and can even be used to enhance desserts. Hinospices uses a mixture of ingredients combined to create 1 of 3 almost famous concoctions, which are 2/3 less in sodium than any of our competitors without diminishing any of the flavors. One of our three original formulas will be your favorite on every food you enjoy on a daily basis.

At Hinospice, we take the needs of professional chefs and the wants of the backyard bar-b-que kings/queens. It gives them the flavor that their diners, friends and families crave and desire. Hinospices can titillate the most sophisticated of palettes while keeping the sodium flavor and intake to a minimum. Hinospices takes only the freshest all natural ingredients, without gluten, preservatives, MSG, or fillers to make our spices the best of any spice made anywhere.