Hinospices & Go Texan


Chef Antonio “Tonni” Hinojosa who is a veteran of the restaurant industry for over 23 years and an advocate of spicy, well-flavored food, sought out to create his own signature blend of all natural spices with the world’s best ingredients, with the goal of imparting flavor into ALL food, thus Hinospices was born. With the flavor Hinospice provides it is TRULY “spices for the species.”

Born and raised in College Station, Texas, Tonni had always had a niche for cooking and grilling. He decided to hone in on his craft and pursue his passion professionally when he attended the Texas State Technical College where he earned a degree in Applied Science in Foodservice/Culinary Arts. However most of his skills he learned through trial and error in the kitchen. Along his illustrious career in the restaurant industry, Tonni has been the chef at Tavern on Chimney Hill in College Station, where he designed the menu with his own signature dishes and was the Sous Chef at the illustrious Hilton Hotel located in College Station.

Hinospices was the taste bud child of Chef Tonni, while looking at the spice selection in his local supermarket (future advertisement here for store name), he started to read ingredients, come to find out, the number one ingredient in most spices and rubs is salt, iodized salt. Chef Tonni, who by the way is NOT a fan of salt and tries to keep it out of his diet as much as possible due to health concerns, decided that he could come up with an all-purpose spice & rub that packs more of a punch and flavor enhancement and any other on the market. While developing Hinospices, Chef Tonni traveled all over the country including Hawaii as well as internationally to find flavors, fragrances and aromas that would be utilized in his flavor infusing all-purpose spices & rubs in all types of foods not just limited to meats and vegetables. He is in the kitchen daily vigilantly trying various blends of all natural flavors, spices and ingredients, working insufferably to find the next mouthwatering and unforgettable all-purpose spice & rubs that will, no doubt, spark your and anyone you serve’s palate.

When not concocting the most flavor-enriched items in the kitchen, Chef Tonni is also the administrative arm of Hinospices. He does everything from returning emails and phone calls, receiving and shipping orders and even acts as the customer service department where he can answer any and all food pairing and recipe questions pertaining to the list of Hinospice products. Chef Tonni also finds time to participate in local food festivals and cook offs where he has taken first place in chicken and brisket at the Annual Bilyfest as well as received an honorable mention for his brisket at the Go Texan Cook-Off. Chef Tonni loves the fact that he has created a product that everyone enjoys and live daily by his favorite quote “May all of your cooking dreams come true.”

Chef Tonni resides in rural TX where he belongs to the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited and serves as its Committee President. Even when not at work Chef Tonni loves cooking whether it is indoors or out on the grill, he loves to combine his Hispanic heritage, love for spirits and malt beverages in his taste bud blowing recipes.

Remember when you think spices think Hinospices it truly is “Spices for the Species”.