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Growing up I watched my mom cook and wondered how she would come up with so many wonderful smelling and tasting dishes.  It was a treat when grandma would visit; she would cook some things I never saw mom cook.  With the smells and tastes, I loved so much I asked questions, started learning the methods of cooking, and preparing my own dishes.  Needless to say, at first, they were not the best but as they say, “practice makes perfect”.

 I would mix everything under the sun in my sauces, from Dr. Pepper to Tang and even tea grounds.  You name it and I probably have used it, which was the starting point of my adventures in cooking.  After high school I went to culinary school and the rest is history. 

While experimenting with all kinds of foods, combinations, and methods, I always loved utilizing beer.  Two reasons I chose beer; first, I always have a cold one in my hands while cooking.  The second is, who has heard of cooking with beer, I mean other than chili?  The ability to cook with beer presented a challenge and who doesn’t like a good challenge?

          AAH Beer!!! What a wonderful beverage, when cooking for my family, friends as well as myself, I always use beer in marinades and sauces.  I never understood why I put beer in my sauces and marinades until one day I used a dark beer.  This helped spark my curiosity of cooking with all types of beer.  Using different types and flavors of beer I came to understand about the differences of cooking with them.  Beer is useful in several different ways for cooking.  It can be used on all types of foods from chicken, beef, pork, to wild game and even vegetables.  Not only used in marinades, but in many other cooking areas.  To obtain them you HAVE to read my book.

There are many tips about cooking with different types of beer (i.e. light, lager, dark, ale, etc.…).  So if you are interested in cooking with beer in all areas of the culinary world or just messing around.  This is a MUST ORDER BOOK.


I don’t have all the answers when it comes to cooking, but I’m very interested in your tips, techniques, and input as well, please share them or if you need any ideas feel free to email at ChefTonni@hinospices.com. 


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“May all your COOKING DREAMS come true!”  (Cheftonni)